Partner up with Santa Catarina

Many opportunities arise with the Partnerships and Investments Program of Santa Catarina (PPI-SC). The Government is willing to work side by side with the private sector to increase competitiveness, improve social wealth and quality of life in our State.


Santa Catarina has the lowest unemployment rate in Brazil. According to data released in may/2019 by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), unemployment reaches only 7,2% of the working age population, which is a good sign of the stability of a state that is economically diversified and prepared to face any scenario.

The state also has four cities among the 50 best in the country to do business according to a ranking published by Urban System Consulting. The list includes the capital Florianópolis (24th) and the cities of Balneário Camboriú (35th), Itajaí (36th) and Tubarão (50th). The ranking considers social and economic development rates, human resources and infrastructure assets(source).


The Executive Decree nº 962/2012 provides regulation for the Expression of Interest (EOI) procedure, which is a form to obtain economical, technical, financial, legal, social and environmental studies aiming at structuring sound and feasible PPP projects (both government-pays and user-pays PPPs, the latter also referred to as concessions, and mixed payment models) from the private sector. The EOI procedure is used to obtain sound elements for the structuring of the public tender process and authors can either be later paid a developer’s fee or compete in the tender of the PPP project.

More recently, the legislature enacted the State Act nº 17.156/2017 to establish the regulatory framework for the Public-Private Partnerships Program in the State of Santa Catarina and State Act nº 17.157/2017 to establish the Guarantee Fund for the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) in Santa Catarina.

In addition, the Audit Court of Santa Catarina State (TCE-SC) has enacted Normative Instruction nº 022/2015, which establishes procedures for control and guidance in PPPs processes.

Click here to obtain legal information regarding the PPP institutional framework of the State of Santa Catarina.


SC Participações e Parcerias S.A. – SCPar is the State Owned Enterprise (SOE) responsible for structuring PPP projects in the State of Santa Catarina. It has a highly qualified team and many team members are Certified PPP Professionals (CP³P) and have Masters Degree in PPPs governance. Click here for details.